New Brows- Steps

To see the video tutorial click here.

Step 1 | Groom: Tweeze and shape your brows, then trim the front section of your brows so that they're symmetrical with the width of the rest of your brows.

Step 2| Shade: Using a small angle brush, (I use Sigma E75 brush) and Anastasia Brow Powder in Ash and Taupe to shade the brow. I use the lighter powder for the inside of the brow and the darker powder for the rest of the brow. 

Step 3 | Define: Take a small eyeliner brush, (I use Sigma E11 brush) and Dipdown (MAC gel liner) line the bottom of the line, keeping the line light toward the front of the brow. Make sure to blend the gel liner in the front section. You can use a brow pencil instead of the Dipdown for lighter brows.

Step 4 | Carve: Using any flat concealer brush (I use an Essence of Beauty conceal brush), use your under eye concealer to carve out the shape of the brow. In this step, you are sealing the edged of the line so they are clean and sharp. Repeat with the top of the brow, except use your foundation or a concealer closer to the shade you use on your face.