Rainbow Hair

I got a chance to try the Anastasia HyperColor Brow and Hair Powders! Here is the result! 


1 | PREP:  It said to prep the hair with glossing cream, styling wax or leave in conditioner. I didn't have any of that so I just used a CVS detangler that I had lying around, which worked fine!


2| Separate: It was most useful to take about 1-2" sections at a time. I curled the hair before, which I wouldn't recommend! It would have been much easier to apply to straight hair!


3| Apply: Make sure you wear gloves and clothes that you don't care about ruining! It was SUPER messy! I sprayed the hair with the detangler then rubbed it directly in the pot. I started with the green shade at the bottom of the hair first and worked my way up. I would also recommend putting a towel underneath the section of hair you're working on. Soooo soo messy.. I should have taken a pictures of my floor!


4| Set: The final step is to set the hair with hairspray to sort of seal the color in. Before I did that I used a makeup sponge to blend the final color (pink) up into the hair.


Results: All in all I was satisfied with this product, it had a great color pay off, surprisingly neon! The only downfall is that you probably wouldn't want to wear white with it because the color would transfer! These colors are HIGHLY pigmented and also double as eyeshadows or brow powders (though I haven't tired them yet!)

Where: They're available at Ulta stores December 26th or at www.anastasia.net If anyone ends up trying them let me know how they worked out for you!