Old vs New Eyebrows- Differences

So I recently updated my brow tutorial, both in these videos and on my youtube channel. Here are the main differences: 

  • Before I lined the brow with the Dipdown (MAC Fuidline gel liner) first. Now I fill them in with powder first. Powdering in the brows over the gel liner muted the definition of the liner. I prefer more contrast in the bottom line of the brows.
  • I use a small eyeliner brush (Sigma E11 brush) to define the brows with the Dipdown. I get a more precise and clean application as opposed to the thick and soft line I used to get when I used an angle brush. 
  • How many of you have seen those pics floating around tumblr and instagram of the girls with their brows boxed in white foundation? In order to amend this problem, I replaced carving the brow on top with foundation instead of concealer! It's way easier to blend and you don't have to worry about those white lines around the brows! 

Still, there are those who prefer the first method of the second which is fine, because it's really about what works best for you! My techniques continue to grow and evolve so I'm sure this will not be the last brow update!