Achieve This Look in 8 Steps

  • 1. Brown Bone- After applying your base, add a matte white shadow to the brow bone using a flat brush. (For instructions on eyebrows, click here).
  • 2. Crease- Using any medium brown eyeshadow and a blending brush, add the shade into the crease. I used a shadow from
  • 3. Lid- Use the same white shade that you used on your brow bone and apply it to the lid with the same flat brush from before. 
  • 4. Top Liner- Apply your top liner, I like to add a slight wing! Keep the line sharp by using a liquid liner. Sharp sealed lines will create a clean look! NYC Liner (brush tip) is my favorite liner! If you have a difficult time with liquid liner, try using a felt tip- it writes like a pen! 
  • 5. Bottom Liner- Define the lower lid by applying black liner to the water lid and smudge it downward using an angle brush.
  • 6. Lashes- After coating your lashes with mascara, apply some false lashes! Wearing false lashes is an easy way to vamp up your look!
  • 7. Shade with Blue- Using a shader brush, shade the lower lid with a blue shadow, starting at the lash line working your way down.

  • 8. Shade with Pink- Use the same brush and lightly apply the pink shade below the blue, overlapping the two colors slightly.