Photo Apr 24, 6 59 36 PM.jpg


  1. Prep the lid with a base! I used MAC Select Cover-Up concealer
  2. After my brows, I highlighted the brow bone with MAC Gesso Shadow and a #252 brush
  3. Next I used MAC #224 brush and MAC Chrome Yellow in the upper crease
  4. With a MAC #217 brush I used a Coastal Scents red shadow for the crease
  5. With the same #217 brush I added MAC Fig.1 shadow to the inner crease
  6. For the lid I used a MAC #252 flat brush and packed MAC Star by Night shadow
  7. I used NYC Liquid liner to create my signature wing!
  8. After adding mascara I applied MAC #7 and #33 lashes as a finishing touch!

Photo Apr 24, 7 00 48 PM.jpg