My First Blog Post Ever!!!

Allow me to reintroduce myself.. 

My name is Christina, I'm 25 years old and I'm a makeup artist. I grew up in the Bay Area, CA and moved to Los Angeles about 3 years ago to attend UCLA and pursue my dreams (of I don't know what yet). I started posting pictures of my makeup on instagram and things just grew from there. I would describe myself as loving, silly, independent and loyal. Part of the reason I love doing makeup is the relationships you form and the people you meet. For me it's more than just makeup- it's a form of self expression, a go-to confidence booster, and secret source of superhero power! 

SO... I will be using this blog as a forum for questions and information about all of my makeup looks! I will be posting new looks and re-posting some of my old makeup looks with all of the product information! 

Right now, most of the questions/comments submitted to me are through instagram. The interface on instagram is not ideal for dialogue, in fact it's quite difficult, which is why I so rarely answer questions on there. I will do my best to answer every question I get on here! And don't be afraid to ask or give feedback! :)